Manufactory Returns! Version 0.3

I actually managed to fix the performance issue. I previously thought that there was basically no fix for this, but actually there was a workaround that i could use due to the game being on a grid. This made the game an incredibly large amount faster. So for now, this game is back on track!

To celebrate, you get an update :)


  • Block Leveling system, you can now level up blocks using resources
  • Minimap system, i don't think i need to explain this.


  • I have added HUGE optimizations. It might lag on older computers, i have no idea. But i finally got the current end game to run smoothly on my machine
  • Prices and block timings have changed quite a bit
  • Blocks:
    • The Splitter will now spit out items at a rate that makes sense based on how many of it's exits are blocked. So for example if you have a Splitter that is blocked on two sides, the items will go straight through. If you have Splitter with 1 exit blocked, every other item will go in one direction and all of the others in the other direction, resulting in a (Item | Empty| Item) structure. No exits blocked results in two spaces in between each item. I probably explained this poorly but i think you'll understand by messing around with it.


  • About 4 or 5 bugs that came from the optimizations. Though i don't remember any thing else. So you probably won't see any difference here


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Jan 03, 2018

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