Project canceled indefinitely due to engine problems

So as it turns out, having massive numbers of objects in Game Maker is practically impossible to make run well no matter what they're even doing, i did not know this as this is the first time i have come across this sort of issue in Game Maker. So i am left really only with two options in regards to this project:

  1.  Redo the entire thing with another engine
  2. Scrap it (at least until i come up with a way to optimize this)

I'm choosing 2 as i really don't want to do all this again, in another engine where it would be even harder than the first time.

By the way, it may seem weird how this game got released, got an update super quickly followed now by getting canceled. It's actually because of Game Maker. It allowed me to do this super fast (cost being performance as i found out the hard way) which was what drew me to it in the first place.

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