State of the game, 1 week later

So through the week i managed to come up with some ideas. I tried them all but they all had the same problem i was trying to solve. So it wasn't working out. At this point i don't think i have the game design skills to fix the problem.

For completeness the problem i was experiencing was that a really simple solution turned out to be pretty much the best. Any attempts at improvements to this really weren't worth it and I'm not even certain that it was possible to improve upon this solution...

And it was the only the second i came up with.

That means that the entire point of the game is lost. The annoying thing about it is for all the ways i attempted to solve this had resulted in more ways to apply this solution. Only making it more universal (They looked a bit different, but they weren't any harder to come up with)

So due to the fact that in a week i haven't been able to solve a problem that breaks the entire games purpose. I can't really bring myself to work on it anymore. So it will be canceled indefinitely again.

I have a few other ideas that a pretty similar in certain ways to this. But very different in others. However they all have one thing in common, I do not think i have the skill to make them at all. So i will most likely not make these yet.

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